SubGame announced the Kusama parachain bidding strategy in July. The technical team worked hard on Pallet and Module. We also participated in various community activities to deepen communication with the members.

Product Progress

1. SubGame official chain development adds the main chain SDK to assist nodes to communicate with the main chain…

Gery Wang, CEO of SubGame

At the SubGame seminar, Dr. Gery Wang, CEO of SubGame, explained the concepts and operating characteristics of SubGame’s dual-platform “multi-modular platform” and “app crowd-lending platform” in a simple way. SubGame starts from the perspective of developer-friendly, and aims to build a win-win strategy of “platform”, “developer” and “user” at the…

(March 9 -April 9,2021)

Technology development progress

  • Development of SubGame Parachain
  • Complete the development of the basic version of SubGame parachain
  • based on the Substrate framework
  • The parachain upgrade function has been tested
  • The node is deployed and has been online
  • Node parameter setting is completed
  • Modular contract research and development (identity contract…

SubGame CEO and founder Greg Wang was invited to attend the Polkadot Eco-China Tour in Hefei, Anhui. At this summit, Greg Wang delivered a speech on the theme of “The New Generation of cross-chain”. He talked about the development process of the blockchain with continuous acceleration, the information exchange between…

Greg Wang, SubGame CEO and founder, is invited to be the speaker at SGB&HOO AMA. Greg Wang tries to uncover the hidden knowledge to the audience and let them easily know what Polkadot is and how Polkadot works.
And most important of all, Greg expresses why SubGame plays a crucial role in the cross-chain ecosystem. Through SubGame multi-module leasing platform and SubGame crowdfunding platform to attract developers to develop blockchain applications as possible as we can. We strive for empowering developers to establish the complete the cross-chain ecosystem together.


SubGame is a public chain development team based on the Polkadot Para chain.

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