SubGame access parallel and participate in slot auction of Crowdloan (Step by Step Guide)

SubGame Slot auction reward

  1. Lending SubGame will open public lending activities on the Kusama network. Crowdloan, participants will use the activity index (Campaignindex) to participate in transactions, and participants will lock their KSM to Kusama until the end of the lease to support SubGame to win parallel chain slots.
  2. The KSM of the public loan is unlocked and returned to the participant at the end of the lease. If the SubGame does not win the auction at the end of the public loan activity, the contributor’s KSM can be unlocked at the end of the event.
  3. The number of single stake is ≤ 300KSM.

For Example:

  1. If SubGame does not win the card slot during the auction period (current period), the reward will not be counted, while the KSM of crowdfunding contributors will be unlocked and returned.
  2. SubGame won the slot during the auction, and the current contributors to the public loan will enjoy an one-time reward from 1KSM:10GSGB.

SubGame slot auction staking

Fill your account name and password
Save the account and completed the account creating
Hope you can pay more attention to the slot auction of SubGame, and we will keeping update our latest information on social media.




SubGame is a public chain development team based on the Polkadot Para chain.

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SubGame is a public chain development team based on the Polkadot Para chain.

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