SubGame Monthly Report July 2021

3 min readAug 12, 2021


SubGame announced the Kusama parachain bidding strategy in July. The technical team worked hard on Pallet and Module. We also participated in various community activities to deepen communication with the members.

Product Progress

1. SubGame official chain development adds the main chain SDK to assist nodes to communicate with the main chain, ready for crowd lending

2. Pallet has made good progress in research and development.
*Development of pledge module was completed.

*SubGame Module platform has passed the code security audit and is preparing to launch;
*The currency issuance module is under development, the cross-chain bridge will connect more asset tokens on the chain.
3. SubGame Module R&D is a new application for the SubGame ecosystem. It has been realized that developers can share SubGame developed modules with other technicians for R&D applications. This function is still being improved.

Marketing activities

1. SGB was officially listed on CoinMarketCap. We’re currently building a future value interconnection network. It uses the Substrate blockchain framework as the underlying technology and adds a high-performance database architecture. (

2. On July 11 2021 Dr. Gery Wang, CEO of SubGame, explained the concepts and operating characteristics of SubGame’s dual-platform “multi-modular platform” and “app crowd-lending platform” in a simple way at the SubGame seminar.

3. On July 25 2021 WorldBlockchainConference at the Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City Academia Exchange Center was held. The conference was hosted by 8BTC. SubGame founder&CEO Greg Wang delivered a speech on “How SubGame Creates a New Era of Games” on the WEB 3.0×Distributed Storage Forum.

4. Subgame co-founder Dr. Wang was invited to attend the Synopsis 2021 summit to be held in September. Synopsis 2021 is a 5-day international summit to discuss the main trends in the cryptocurrency industry, including the latest trends in DeFi, NFT and digital art . More than 60 industry experts from all over the world discussed the latest trends in the world of decentralized finance and crypto economy. The summit will be broadcasted live to the world via YouTube and

5. We discussed the prospects of the Polkadot game field and the future development direction of subgame with kol in the crypto world.

Community activities

1. SubGame Chinese Telegram Group was created.
2. SubGame Youtube official channel was established (
3. There are 1,236 new users in the SubGame English community, current number is 11,258.
4. There are 356 new users in the SubGame German community, current number is 1643.
5. SubGame India community added 276 new users, current number is 1,214.

Subgame will have more exciting technological progress, cooperation, and market activities to share with you in the coming month, so stay tuned.

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SubGame is a public chain development team based on the Polkadot Para chain.