SubGame Monthly Report June 2021

SubGame Chain officially launched

  1. SubGame mainchain officially launched and passed the third-party security audit.
  2. The development of the blockchain browser has been completed and launched synchronously with the official chain.
  3. New DApp-SubGame bridge has launched

SubGame preview network launch

1.SubGame Staging, the SubGame preview network has been completed

Launched on TEST NEWORKS list

SubGame Para chain

  1. Successfully applied for KUSAMA_ParaID_2018, to participate in auction and setting the dock with relay chain
  2. SubGame Gamma,The SubGame parachain has been completed.
  3. Launched on Kusama parachain list.
  4. Synchronously launch the parallel chain bidding crowdfunding website and formally participate the crowdfunding.

SGB cross-chain token trading

  1. Launched on HECO cross-chain bridge smart contract
  2. Launched on ETH cross-chain bridge smart contract
  3. Launched on SubGame cross-chain bridge module
  4. SubGame cross-chain bridge application launched
  5. TokenPocket wallet support SubGame DApp

Pallet development

1. SubGame cross-chain bridge module

SubGame Official website

  1. Add security audit report download
  2. Link for the SubGame Gamm parallel chain crowdfunding website
  3. Link for the SubGame Scan explorer website
  4. Link for SubGame cross-chain bridge
  5. Strategic partner update

Marketing and operation

  1. Participate in a 48 weeks slot auction
  2. SubGame Gamma crowdloan event is held on Kusama
  3. SubGame mainnet has passed the audit of Fairyproof Tech
  4. SubGame Bridge launched on TokenPocket
  5. Start planning multiple modular platforms and application crowdfunding platforms

Community promotion

  1. Establish the Germany community(
  2. Participate in Vernacular Block chain and Polkadot Ecological Summit on June 3rd
  3. Participate in 2021 Tides Wave Summit on June 4th
  4. Participate in Polkadot Ecological China in Xi’an on June 5
  5. Hundred talks on JINSE Finance on June 18
  6. Participate in Bibi NEWS online interview on June 22
  7. Participate in Polkadot Ecological in China Hefei on June 27
  8. Hoo Community AMA event on June 28th

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SubGame is a public chain development team based on the Polkadot Para chain.

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SubGame is a public chain development team based on the Polkadot Para chain.

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