SubGame Technical Monthly Report

3 min readJul 2, 2021


(March 9 -April 9,2021)

Technology development progress

  • Development of SubGame Parachain
  • Complete the development of the basic version of SubGame parachain
  • based on the Substrate framework
  • The parachain upgrade function has been tested
  • The node is deployed and has been online
  • Node parameter setting is completed
  • Modular contract research and development (identity contract of address, random number generation module, time calculation module, parameter comparison module)

Application development of Guess Hash

  • Develop the transaction module of native currency exchange for game currency
  • Golang back-end implementation of the game lobby API interface is completed
  • Realize interactive game trading with Dot Call RPC API
  • Add openings, placing bets, and generating game results in the game
  • The integrated block monitoring mechanism is completed, realizing the synchronization record of the game
  • Realize the synchronization update of Websocket function to the front-end game screen
  • Dapp website screen and RPC API serial connection implementation completed

NFT application development

  • Realize the establishment of NFT on the SubGame chain, the code has been open source
  • Realize NFT casting and exchange on the SubGame chain
  • Follow-up advancement to bring NFT applications into the game

Pallet cumulative research and development

  • Complete the native currency exchange module and extend the application
  • Complete game module development and actual application
  • Complete NFT casting module
  • Complete the NFT transaction module

Market and operation progress

  • SubGame development team announces roadmap plan for 2020 to 2023
  • SubGame is included in the Polkadot Ecosystem of the Web3 Foundation
  • SubGame has won strategic investment from more than 30 institutions around the world
  • SubGame official English community established
  • $SGB is listed on 5 exchanges including BiKi, MoomEX, BoBoo, LBank and ACEex

Community Development

  • Participate in the AMA on overseas Polkadot ecological topic
  • Organization of Polkadot Chinese Community Lecture (Taiwan)
  • Participate in a seminar on the ecology of Polkadot
  • Participated in the JINSE Finance Innovation Conference (Shanghai Blockchain Week) and gave a speech
  • Held Moom Group Polkadot Ecological and MT Ecological Plan Summit
  • Participate in a conference held in Beijing on the theme of sharing the secrets of investment
  • Participate in the micro interview held by JINSE Finance

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SubGame is a public chain development team based on the Polkadot Para chain.